A recent ice and wind storm left our antenna damaged, as can be seen in the accompanying photos.  we are waiting for conducive weather patterns along with the necessary supplies to repair the damage.  you can listen to WMLK radio via our streaming page.  we will be back on the air when the antenna is repaired.  meanwhile; we have sent the rectifier control cabinet section to be translated from German into English.  this should be accomplished during February 2008.

    We are thankful to report the rectifier control cabinet translation from German to English has arrived!  The translator did an excellent job and the WMLK BBC Engineer has his copy in hand.  However; he advised us to accomplish the antenna repairs before his next visit.

    the insurance company said the antenna was covered, and they will pay the cost of repairs.  Currently, the materials are being ordered for repair.  Some of these have a lead time for manufacturing purposes.  We have received the reflector grid replacement wire.  As you can see in the picture, the reflector grid received substantial damage.