NASB 2004 Photo Report-Yearly Meeting





Here you see NASB Board of Directors member Elder Jacob O. Meyer, with his wife of 51 Years on the left. Behind and in between them is Solomon E. Meyer their son at NASB's Yearly meeting.



Here is the other side of the meeting room with NASB Secretary Dan Elyea directly in front as you view this photo!

Here I am Gary A. McAvin! I had Solomon take a picture of me so I could say I was there also! I took the other pictures so that left me out of the group photos above. You can see Mrs. Meyer on the left.


Here is Departing NASB President Jeff White on the left. His term expired this year! Good job Jeff. On the right is affable Ted Haney. Ted has served NASB In most capacities.


Facing us from left to right is Jeff White, Adil Mina, Ten Haney & Del Carson all standing.

The NASB Meeting went very smoothly this year. The speakers were very informative and each once kept their time allocation very well! We hope everyone will prosper for another year and we will see you next year, Yahweh Willing!