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WMLK Radio's SWL Booth 2004


WMLK Radio the International Radio Voice of the Assemblies of Yahweh was cordially invited to attend the SWL Fest 2004. This is known as the Short Wave Listeners gathering that occurs at Kulpsville, PA each year. This year marked the 17th Annual Winter SWL Fest that was sponsored by NASWA. We were one of several shortwave broadcasting stations that represented the NASB (National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters)  this year.

There were several displays that depicted each stations outreach and goals. Literature was readily available for those that wanted to find out more about what each organizations radio format included. WMLK Radio passed out literature that explained the very purpose for its' existence. WMLK Radio exists for the sole purpose of spreading the Good News of Kingdom of the Heavens and revealing the personal name of the Heavenly Father Yahweh!

   Many of the visitors to WMLK Radio's booth had seen Directing Elder Jacob O. Meyer on cable TV prior to this Winter Fest. One individual had even taped one of the telecasts from a previous broadcast. The interest was good!

A talk was given by each of the NASB representatives. Each one shared the progress of their stations' outreach programs. The goals of the various stations were also shared with the listening audience. WMLK's representative (me this year) spoke on the history of WMLK Radio. I also spoke on the current progress and future outreach. Truly WMLK Radio had a very humble beginning. Read the WMLK Update article on this web site. WMLK Radio is expected to reach new power output levels shortly. I informed the listening audience of the final plate switch being on order. This switch should be in our possession very soon!  

We were glad that we were invited to attend this year and look forward to next years SWL Fest. Thank you everyone for treating us so kindly!

 Gary A. McAvin WMLK Radio

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