SWL Report Winter 2005


John Figliozzi and Richard Cuff Affable Hosts of SWL 2005

WMLK Display

Gary A. McAvin with WMLK Display 2005

WMLK Display From a Distance

SWL Seminar and Information Area

Well Attended Seminars! With Good Information!

Everyone Was Interested in What the Speakers Had to Say!

Good Job Presenters! Everyone Was Better Informed After Your Presentation!




This was WMLK Radio's second SWL Fest attendence.  Last year (2004) we were invited with other NASB members.  Many of the NASB attendees also gave a verbal presentation of assorted perspectives in 2004. 

This year we were greeted at the doors of the Stockholm Room for Registration by: John Figliozzi and Richard Cuff. These are the "user friendly" Fest managers.  These two have managed a total of five Fests, this one included.  I found them to be friendly, helpful, and having answers to any questions you might have. (I personally want to thank them for helping me. Thanks Guys!)

Although the Stockholm area was short on displays this year, those that did attend, provided good information.  One of the Fests usual participants was unable to attend this year.  This individual usually occupies 5-6 display tables.  He resides in Canada, and perhaps there was some problems coming over to the USA this year? Security issues between Canada and the USA have tightened as we know! Several others were noticeably absent also.

The seminars/forums that I attended were informational as usual.  The speakers were knowledgeable and many times displayed a good sense of humor during their dissertations.  The light hearted moments always add to the overall presentations!  Good job fellas!  I was only able to attend two of these informative talks this year.

I attended two forums/seminars this year.

  1. Session 1: The Scum Also Rises (The Year in Scanning ) by Skip Arey

  2. Session 2: The Year in Pirate and Clandestine Radio by George Zeller

I really enjoyed both of these presentations.

 I was unexpectedly  called back to our home office for some business that need my immediate attention.  Always on the go!  Perhaps next year I can stay longer and attend more forums.


Perhaps you will find interest in the Schedule of Activities presented?  I will post the following SWL Fest schedule for the Friday I attended.




Friday, March 2005


Stockholm: Registration



Stockholm: Welcome



 Continuous, Stockholm

(Note new Evening hours!)


Digital Radio Mondiale Live Demonstration and Test — Kim’Elliott of the Voice of America hosts and conducts a continuous two day demonstration and test of DRM transmissions, several of which will be beamed specially and specifically this weekend to Kulpsville, PA. Broadcasts from Bonaire, Sackville, Sines, Kuwait and other sites will be featured throughout the Fest. We’ll be using the Ten-Tec 320D DRM-ready receiver that will be raffled on Saturday night to demonstrate this intriguing technology.


0900-2200, semi- continuous, Stockholm

Satellite TV/Radio Demonstration — Here’s a chance to explore the fascinating world of international satellites. Tracy Wood will be demonstrating a three-foot Ku-band satellite system. The system allows the hobbyist to receive worldwide radio and TV broadcasts without cost, using the Free-to-Air (FTA) MPEG-DVB standard. New this year will be a demonstration of the Pansat 2500A receiver, capable of “smart searching” undocumented frequencies and programming. We will be watching TV from Argentina, Kuwait, and Spain among other countries.


0900-2200, semi- continuous, Stockholm

DX-Tuners Display, vendor displays, station displays, club displays — many opportunities for getting questions answered and learning more about radio!


0900-2300, Room 425

Radio Listening Room — Here’s something new to try out. We’ve had requests to set aside a space to keep quiet where people could bring radios for listening and comparison if so inclined. There are no formal activities scheduled in this room — all we ask is that you clean up after yourself, and — very important—do not move the table or remove chairs from the room.


Friday, March (continued)


Oslo /Copenhagen

Session 1: The Scum Also Rises (The Year in Scanning ) — It’s usually said that the best is saved for last, so is the reverse also true? Ponder that question as you attend the first of this year’s Fest Forums. Skip Arey, Tom Swisher and a cast of others discuss the past year’s developments in the world of scanning.



Oslo /Copenhagen

Session 2: The Year in Pirate and Clandestine Radio — George Zeller and crew review recent developments in unofficial, non-sanctioned, unlicensed, free, political dissident, and otherwise unruly wireless


Lunch on you own (Make it quick so you don’t miss anything! Heck, this is more time than you get at work!) (Exhibits remain open)



Oslo /Copenhagen

Session 3: The Continuing Decline and Future of the VOA— It may be the understatement of understatements to say that the Voice of America, this country’s primary international broadcaster for decades, is under duress and its future is in jeopardy. With so much misinformation and misdirection swirling we turn to a trusted friend and VOA insider, Dan Robinson, for the straight story.



Oslo /Copenhagen

Session 4: BPL Update and The Art of Noise Reduction — Joe Buch, the NASWA Journal’s technical topics guru, summarizes where the recent FCC ruling leaves SWL’s regarding Broadband over Power Lines and presents some technical approaches that might prove useful for minimizing BPL and other interference


1500 -? Room 153

Amateur Radio Licensing Exams with Richard Magdy, Skip Arey and team. Have you always wanted to get your first ham ticket or an upgrade? Well, again this year you have no excuse: The Exam comes to you! Sign up at Registration or during the day at the special table in the Fest Exhibits Room. C’mon! What have you got to lose? These will be held in Room 153, adjacent to the Hospitality Room.



Oslo /Copenhagen

Session 5: Old Iron--Finding, Fixing and Enjoying Classic Receivers — Kevin Carey offers tips on

how to acquire classic receivers and how to keep these rigs running in top condition. He’ll cover the three

H’s (Heath, Hammarlund & Hallicrafters), plus Collins, National and other notable models of the 1940’s-




End of Afternoon Forum Activities; dinner on your own. Hospitality room open.

1900 -?


Swap Meet in Stockholm Room (main exhibit room) — note new location!