November 25, 2013



WMLK Radio Report





WMLK radio update and progress report.

     Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have been having trouble getting the radio station online.  Many hidden problems have been revealed during the past two visits of our start-up engineer.  It appeared  that something is continually shorting out the TX and causing it to trip the overload protection. These overloads disengage the set when high voltage is applied, if there is a fault in the system.  We discovered that many components inside the set were shorting the set to ground.  These components were discovered by using sophisticated equipment and a closer observation.  The set contains a Crowbar protection system and it is extremely sensitive to any kind of ground faults.  This system protects the tubes from being damaged should a problem arise in the electrical system. The components that were shorting the set to ground, included air ducks, the glass cooling tube used in the vapor cooling system, and assorted devices that are not non-conductive in electrical properties.  Carbon traces were observed on these components.




Pic. 1. This is a non-conductive PVC unit. This where the air cooling duct plugs in. Notice the arcing traces.


Pic. 2. This is the Pyrex steam riser tube, notice the damage and tracing on it. This glass steam riser was completely repaired, and one-half of the Pyrex was replaced in the repair process.


Pic. 3. This is the four inch air duct that supplies air for cooling the capacitors and assorted parts. Notice the tracing on the end and the physical damage from arc tracing. This is the PVC unit in the first picture before removal from air duct. This air duct, along with others, were replaced.

Pic. 4. These are the components that were sent in for repair. Three Circuit Boards and the Sine Wave Generator (large unit next to CBs).

     The last two visits yielded these problems, and since then they have been corrected.  We have also added a water filtering purification system to make sure the water that is going into cooling the tubes is the highest quality possible.  We have one more process to add to this system to ensure this rigorous standard.  We have overhauled many of the circuit cards by either rebuilding them or replacing them since we began repair and reconstruction of this set.   We reconfigured and rewired many of the problems that we found.  Several cards were sent to be repaired by a professional organization .  

     Because of problems with our engineers health, he was ordered to take a three month leave of absence which will be monitored by a physician. Two years ago, during first week of  November,  he suffered a seizure which also involved a blood clot in the brain that gave him a mild stroke.  He was put on a six-month medical leave of absence from his work place so he could recuperate from this incident.  He has been working for WMLK  during his employment with Voice of America whenever time permitted him to come to WMLK.  He retired this year from his employment  and comes to WMLK when he can arrange it in his schedule.  Recently, his doctor put him on another three month leave of absence to make adjustments in his medications and give him the rest that he needs to recuperate his health even further.

     Our Start-Up Engineer has commissioned (put into service)  five of these type units.  He is dedicated to putting this station on the air.  He will advise me during him absence via telephone and messenger service.  We are dedicated to placing this station on the air.

     In 1981 we started obtaining information to begin broadcasting the AOY message to the entire earth in a broader range.  It was decided that shortwave radio would and could fulfill Matthew 24:14 and Revelation 14:6.  We began this project at the end of 1981 and the station was placed on the air in the spring of 1985. It took hard work and good support from the brethren and co-workers of the AOY to make this project a reality. The current set, as it stands, has been completed and is ready to be energized.  When the repaired parts (Yahweh Willing) are fixed and returned this should become a reality.  Remember all things are done according to His will and time frame. We must be patient!  Thank you for your prayers and support, financially and through your verbal and written encouragements!   Yahweh bless all of you!   Deacon Mac. 





I have been working on a new work bench for WML. It ha bThe New Work Benche necessary due to the scope of this project to a work area dedicated to the repair of the BBC 250 KW TX unit. Here are some pictures of the completed project.